Labour charges FG on N500b Paris club refund to states


The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has urged the Federal Government to tie the N500b London-Paris Club refund about to be released to state governments to projects to avoid a repeat of what happened when the first tranche of N388 billion was released in December last year.

In a statement on Monday, TUC said: “We are afraid the governors might come cap-in-hand for another round in no distant time if the necessary things are not put in place”.

TUC added: “One could infer from the foregoings that the president to some extent profoundly means well but some people are determined to frustrate his effort. One would have expected that when the first tranche of money was released salaries and pensioners would have been paid. We had expected thatsome meaningful projects would have been embarked upon; instead (they) thegovernors rolled out their drums to receive the billions for personal aggrandizement.This is not the way to go in an era of change”.

Explaining further, TUC in a statement issued by by its President, Comrade Bobboi BalaKaigama  and Secretary General, Comrade(Barr.)Musa-Lawal Ozidi,mni

“We need not bore you with the numerous cases of suicides and suicide attempts so far recorded this year alone. Workers have become unable tofeed their families, pay rents and school fees, let alone provide clothing.

“A countless times the president assured us that his government has the welfare of Nigeriansat heart but in reality it appears not to be so. If governors make judicioususe of the monies at their disposal we can be rest assured that recession will soonbe of mere historical significance only.

“It is therefore expedient the president recognizes the absolute fact that the citizens of this country voted for him because of his pedigree. They voted because they trusted and believed that his administration would be just,prudent, accountable and lead with the fear of God. The cooperation we anticipated is not there as the centre appears to be going one way while the lawmakers and the judiciary are also going separate ways. As it stands, our fate appears to be hanging on a balance.


“We are not against government disbursing any money; what weare rather saying is that the federal government should attach the money top rojects. Salaries and pensions must be paid till date and in full. We will be disappointed again if we do otherwise. This time we must get our act right”.